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Registration requirements


  1. Graduates of the Law Schools of national Universities and the Faculties of Law of recognized similar institutes abroad are admitted to the Program.
  2. The number of admissions per year shall be determined following a proposal by the SC and a decision of the Faculty Assembly and may not exceed thirty-five (35) students.
  3. The relevant application announcement per year shall be published at a time decided by the SC and it shall specify:

a) The necessary qualifications of the candidates. 

b) The supporting documents, the deadline and the manner in which they are to be submitted. 

c) The details of the evaluation process for candidates. 

d) The possibility of part-time study in the Program


4. The applicant shall submit to the Registrar of the Program the following documents, which shall be accepted in Greek or English: 

a) Application to participate in the Program including the e-mail address through which the LL.M. Program Registrar will be able to communicate with the candidate. 

b) A photocopy of the identity card or passport. 

c) A copy of the undergraduate degree awarded by Law School Faculties of national universities or similar institute abroad. 

d) A certificate of study (transcript) with the analytical grades of all undergraduate courses, including the exact grade of the degree conferred. 

e) A Curriculum Vitae detailing the candidate's studies, professional experience and scientific and social activity. 

f) A Certificate of very good (C1 level) or excellent knowledge (level C2) of the English language, in accordance with the Council of Europe’s system, which is accepted by the Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection (ASEP). Alternatively, a diploma or postgraduate diploma from Law School Faculties of national universities or similar institute abroad may be submitted, which proves the successful completion of an undergraduate or postgraduate program.


In addition to the aforementioned documents, the applicant shall submit the following supporting documents, if they are available:


a) A diploma or diplomas of postgraduate studies conferred by a Greek university or similar institute abroad. 

b) Ph.D. degree from a Greek university or a similar institute abroad. 

c) Certificates for possible very good knowledge of French, German, Italian, Spanish or Russian. If the candidate is foreign, they may submit certifications of competency in Greek as well. 

d) Documentary evidence of any research and writing activity, participation in student mobility training programs and professional experience of a legal or related nature.


Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Faculty of Law  

Campus, 54124

Secretariat of the Faculty of Law 

Christos Zois 

Tel: +30 2310 996510
Fax: +30 2310 995272