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Postgraduate Thesis


  1. The postgraduate thesis is carried out during the summer period after the successful examination in all Winter and Spring semester courses and is submitted by the 31st of August of the same calendar year.
  2. To this end, the student prepares a preliminary research outline and selects a supervising professor among the teaching faculty of the Program, provided that the said professor agrees. The research outline should specify the subject to be analyzed, the methodology of its scientific approach and the literature to be used. The supervisor's acceptance of this research proposal is based on the relevance of the topic to the subject matter of the Program.
  3. The SC shall appoint the supervising professor and the three-member committee for the supervision and evaluation of the postgraduate thesis within five (5) days of the submission of the student's proposal. The supervising professor is also a member of the committee. The remaining two (2) members must have the same or relevant scientific expertise as the subject of the thesis.
  4. The subject of the postgraduate thesis is included in a special list of postgraduate work held at the Program Registrar. This list must include the names of the candidate and the supervisor, the date of approval of the subject by the SC and the date of completion of the process, either by acceptance or rejection.
  5. Depending on the progress made on completing their thesis, the graduate student informs the supervising professor, who monitors whether the objectives and requirements of the research are being met. The text of the thesis should range from 15,000 to 18,000 words.
  6. The thesis should be completed within the specified deadline.
  7. When the thesis is complete, it shall be submitted in three (3) copies to the Program Registrar, along with confirmation from the supervising professor that it fulfills the conditions for being submitted for evaluation.
  8. Presentations of postgraduate theses shall be made on dates to be determined by the SC, until the 30th of September of the same calendar year in which the duration of study expires. The invitation and announcement for the presentation of the Master’s theses shall be issued by the Director of the Program.
  9. During the presentation, the postgraduate student presents the main points of the thesis with its conclusions to the three-member committee. The presentation may not exceed fifteen (15) minutes. The members of the committee shall then ask questions, the total duration of which may not exceed thirty (30) minutes.
  10. Immediately after the completion of the public presentation, the three-member committee shall forward to the Registrar of the Program the student's examination report and the grade for the postgraduate thesis, with a grading scale from zero (0) to ten (10). If the work is graded between four (4) and five (5), the student may resubmit the thesis within one month. If after the re-submission and re-examination under the same process the thesis is again evaluated with a grade lower or equal to five (5), or if the student does not present themselves for the re-examination, the student is removed from the program by decision of the Faculty Assembly.
  11. It is not possible for a student to change the subject of their postgraduate thesis, except by decision of the SC, following a justified proposal by the supervising professor. Such a change of topic of the postgraduate thesis is not a valid reason for extending the abovementioned deadlines.

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