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Law and Economics (Elective)

The course introduces the fundamental concepts of the interdisciplinary field of knowledge “Law and Economics”, such as efficiency, cost-benefit analysis, marginality, the economic approach to legal goods, etc. It also attempts to explain, through theories and legal examples, its enormous impact on legal thinking, methodology and education. It also aims to provide modern lawyers with useful tools that will enable them to delve deeper into the way they understand modern complex legal-economic phenomena and improve their performance in their professional lives.At a second level, the multiple applications of “Law and Economics” will be briefly presented horizontally i.e., to all the legal sectors without exception, but then emphasis will be placed on the specialization of this postgraduate program: i.e. on legal issues at the heart of the EUacquis and on key sectors such as the antitrust policy of the now expanded European Union. The aim here is to investigate whether the objectives set by the EU to achieve harmonization and integration are in line with established economic science. Hopeful signals are given to us by the Commission and the European Court of Justice, which have for the past three decades adopted solutions and proposals based onconsequentialist logic.

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