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International and European Procedural Law (Elective)

The objective of International and European Procedural Law is to teach the process of resolving private disputes with foreign elements. The course mainly attempts to address fundamental questions: which country’s courts have the jurisdiction to resolve private disputes, which law is applicable in the particular dispute, and the possibility of recognizing and enforcing foreign judgments in Greece. Teaching is based on both the provisions of national and public international law, especially where the rules of procedural law are based on international conventions or directly applicable European Union regulations (e.g. Regulation 44/2001. 1215/2012 "on jurisdiction and enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters"). Due to the international cooperation of States in certain areas of law, the course also covers issues relating to the international serviceof documents (e.g. Regulation on the service of judicial and out-of-court documents in civil and commercial matters in the member States).

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